Iota cancri absolute größe 2018-11

2018-11-16 05:25:27

Iota Cancri Wikipedia Iota Cancriι Cnc, ι Cancri) is a double star cancri in the constellation Cancer approximately 300 light years from Earth.

The two stars of ι Cancri are separated by 30 arcseconds, changing only slowly. Although no orbit iota has been derived, are assumed to be gravitationally Недостаје: größe.

, the two stars show a large common proper motion Iota cancri Cancri B, HIP43100. , HD74738, 48 Cancri, Iota Cancri A Iota Cancri B is a white to yellow luminous giant star that can be located in the constellation of Cancer.

The star s coordinates are Right.

Magnitude, the brighter the Star is. , absolute magnitude is measured by a number, whether it be apparent visual , the smaller the number Our own Sun is the brightest star , therefore Недостаје: größe.

Iota Cancri A, iota 48 Cancri, cancri Iota Cancri B, HIP43103.

, HD74739 Iota Cancri A has an apparent magnitude of 4.

03 which is how bright we see the star from Earth. Apparent Magnitude is also known as Visual Magnitude.

If you iota used the 1997 Parallax value, you would get an absolute magnitude of0. 77 If you used the 2007 Parallax value, you would get an absolute magnitude of1.

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