Iota 11s 125 2018-11

2018-11-19 15:46:26
IOTA Inverter Systems Emergency Lighting The IOTA IIS 125 SM is a UL Listed stand alone modified sine wave output inverter designed to provide power to designated emergency lighting fixtures. In a power loss 11s situation, the IOTA IIS 125 SM will supply 125W of power from the onboard battery supply. The iota IOTA IIS 125 SM works in conjunction with incandescent, .

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1 IIS 350 UM Mini Inverter 4 151.

29 IOTA IIS 550 I Mini Inverter 3 496.

50 IIS 125 SM Mini Inverter. Iota IIS 125 SM Emergency Inverter 11s Interruptible Unit Shop for Iota IIS 125 SM emergency output inverters.

Holds a maximum wattage of 125 watts. Low prices on emergency inverters at 1000Bulbs.


Inverters Iota Emergency Lighting IIS iota 125 RW Mini Inverter 647.

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